Development of Safe Farm Products

Development of Safe Farm Products

Cultivation Technology of Eco-friendly Farm Products

  • Delicious and safe functional rice, barley, which can be easily cooked, potatoes, beans, and grain crops are safely produced to fit to diversifying consumption trends. The values of farm products are enhanced by unique package designs, satisfying the consumers’ demands. JBARES leads the future of agriculture by creating the brand of quality farm products, reducing the production costs to securing the competitiveness of the farm products of Jeollabuk-do in the globalization of the 21st century.
  • JBARES distributes the new varieties, suitable to local features and climate change, and supports the distribution of farm machinery suitable for the geographical features to reduce the production costs, and the pilot projects for labor saving, and endeavors to build the producing complexes for the superiority, uniformity and continuity of quality, and the safe production of farm products.
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Distribution of Development Technology of Horticultural Crops

Extensive Distribution of Good Varieties & Improvement of Consumers’ Preference

JBARES supports the cultivation technology of good varieties, and promotes the pilot project for field demonstration.

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Quick distribution of new technologies developed by JBARES to farmers

JBARES has been distributing key technologies to neighboring farms by operating the pilot station for distributing the new technologies developed by JBARES to farming sites.

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Distribution of Production Technology of Safe Farm Products

  • JBARES has been operating 264 observational and experiment plots in 14 cities and provinces to supply safe farm products to consumers through quick prediction and the control of diseases and insect pests obstructing the production of farm products. In particular, JBARES endeavors to control diseases and insect pests immediately by installing 6 automatic aerial insect nets for observing the insects flying from China.
  • JBARES supports the preliminary control costs against relevant diseases and insect pests. For emergent diseases or insect pests, JBARES endeavors to control diseases or insect pests to minimize the damage of farm products by organizing the cooperative disease control council with relevant organizations, including the forest division and then, share information including occurrence status of diseases or insect pests, and implement control technology.
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Distribution of Sustainable Agricultural Technology

JBARES distributes the extensive eco-friendly control technology and accurate soil management for the production of safe farm products and the improvement of health in the agricultural eco-system. Furthermore, JBARES devotes itself to secure the safety of farm products by supporting the system and technology to analyze pesticides and soil for extension service agencies in cities and provinces. JBARES takes the initiatives for improving the image of farm products of Jeollabuk-do and strengthening competitiveness and sustainability by building the organic bean cultivation demonstration farms and distributing technology to change soil and allow for organic farming.

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