Development of Professional Farmers

Development of Professional Farmers

Development of professional farmers

  • Special education for farmers to acquire customized new green technology required on sites.
  • Special education for farmers
    • New Year Farmers GAP, Export Items, Processing of Farm Products, Living Culture, Nongsim Education
    • Back-to-Farm and Back-to Farming Village Education : Basic farming technology education and information for those who want to start farming or return to a farming village
    • Farmers College : Education on local specialty crops, processing, experience and social marketing

Development of farmers’ learning groups

JBARES focuses on the development of Farming Village Leaders Association, the key subject for agricultural development in Korea, Living Improvement Association, 4-H, Study Group per Farm Product and Cyber Farmers.

  • Leadership enhancement education of the 4-H Association of Jeollabuk-do

  • Unity Festival and culture presentation by Living Improvement Association

  • Unity Festival of 4-H Headquarter

  • Technology Innovation Resolution Convention of Farmers’ Study Groups