History & Introduction

History & Introduction


It is a table of the history of the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute
date contents
2013.10. Changed the name to Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute (integration of Paprika Experiment Station and Watermelon Experiment Station)
2011.04.15. Completed the Paprika Experiment Station in Daeya-myeon, Gunsan-si
2010.07. Integrated Specialty Crop Research Institute
2010.07.30. Established Gunsan Paprika Experiment Station Division
1995.05. Established Gochang Watermelon Experiment Station(Presidential Decrees No. 14497, Provincial Regulations No. 2130)
1904.04. Jeollabuk-do Agricultural Technology and Extension Services (Jeonju Nursery of Ministry of Agriculture, Commerce and Industry, Daehan Empire)


  • Paprika Experiment Station
    • Development and distribution of new paprika varieties for the replacement of imports
    • Research to secure the technology managing culture for diagnosis of the nutrient solution of paprika
    • Research to reduce the replant failure and improve the productivity of paprika
    • Technical support for cultivation and stabilization of another culture line.
  • Watermelon Experiment Station
    • Study on genetic resource management and the development of varieties
    • Research on cultivation physiology
    • Study on soil and the reduction of replant failure
    • Study on the control technology against diseases and insect pests

Organization & Employees

  • Organization : Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute
  • Employees: 1 Chief Researcher (Manager), 4 Researchers, 1 Administrative Employee


It is a table for area.
Classification Total Experiment Fields Building Land
Paprika Experiment Station 72,950㎡ 38,827㎡ 617㎡ 33,506㎡
Watermelon Experiment Station 877㎡ - - -